False eyelashes or eyelash extensions on your wedding day!?

There are lots of ways to make your eyes really pop!.. Including false lashes…Lets talk about eyelashes today, so you know exactly what you will want and need on your special day :)lashes



Strip lashes – Are the more popular type of falsies, because they’re quicker to apply. They are a full eye’s worth of lashes pre-attatched to one another, making them easy to just glue on and go. You can get strip lashes in all different lengths and thickness. Depending how large you go with the strip lashes they are also very comfortable to wear. At first when glue is wet it may feel a little heavy, as glue drys you can hardly tell you are wearing them.. Strip lashes can last up to two weeks and also very easy to remove. (you can pull the strip off all in one)

Individual lashes – Instead of getting all your lashes together in a strip, these come in different lengths and are attached individually until the lashline is full or you can put on as many or as few as you want to customize your length and look. These lashes do take longer to put on, but they look more natural where your eyelid meets your lash line. Individuals are very natural and comfortable to wear, most people say they just cannot feel they are wearing them. Individual false lashes avoid the strip that holds traditional false lashes together.

Eyelash extensions – They are very different again. These lashes are glued permanently on to your lash line, you can get different types of lash extensions such as..

Synthetic (made from a polished, acrylic material and are the firmest of all. In appearance they are a little shinier or glossier than silk or mink lashes also a lot thicker and more dramatic).

Silk (mid weight type of lash and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type. They hold on longer than synthetic lashes).

Mink ( natural animal fur/hair. Very light and fine lash, when wet they become straight and wispy, don’t last as long as silk because they are so fine).

You cannot just wear lash extensions for your wedding day and then remove that night, they stay on from 2 weeks to 2months!! They drop off when your natural lashes grow!!! Then you will need to get infills to keep them looking full and beautiful.. I’m also qualified at applying lash extensions ( please refer to my services & pricing page for more info and prices)  It’s a good idea not to choose them too long for your first application until you get used to them. They are much more expensive.

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