Emma and Jasons Vineyard Wedding

Emma and Jason’s Vineyard Wedding











Last October 2014 Emma and Jason got married at Poppies Vineyard in Martinborough, New Zealand!!! It was such a beautiful day, and I was very lucky to be a part of Emma’s special day as the hair and makeup artist. We started early in the morning with so many laughs and everyone was having a good time. Here are pictures from the day.

Hair and Makeup – Emma wanted a natural spring bridal look so we went with soft wavy curls for the bride and for the bridesmaids a loose up style bun with hair nicely draped around the face for a softer more feminine look and feel. The makeup for both bride and bridesmaids were pretty similar all having soft brown eye colours with a slight shimmer for highlighting areas of the face and a soft pink lipgloss.









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New Hair and Makeup Post

Coming soon

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Carl and Ebony unite with a vintage wedding

Today i would like to share with you all Carl and Ebony’s beautiful vintage wedding that I was very lucky to be apart of doing Makeup for the 3 beautiful bridesmaids, flower girl and Ebony !!Their wedding has been featured on Easy Weddings – (Australia’s number 1 Wedding website). 











Please click on the link below to read about Carl and Ebony’s Wedding i have also attached a video for those of you who don’t feel like reading today :)





Hopefully this blog post of Carl and Ebony’s Vintage Wedding can help you with a few ideas for your own wedding !!




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Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration

You can never get enough hair inspiration right?!

If you’re not entirely sure how you want to wear your hair on the big day, you probably have a general idea of whether you’d like to have it up or down, veil or no veil… Get started by selecting a basic category below!

Lets start with a few Bridal hairstyles that are perfect if you are wearing a veil and where the best place to position the veil ……. 

Half up half down is a faithful hair style that is complementary to many face shapes and lengths of hair. This style can work whether you have a fringe or not. You can also add a little volume at the top, or a braid and have soft curls, a wave or even straight hair on the bottom half. It is perfect for a veil because it gives you a foundation to secure and place the veil. it is definitely one of the most versatile bridal hairstyles to choose.

Up-dos include chignons, braids, romantic and soft or messy styles as well as buns and top knots. Generally the veil is worn below a top knot or on top of a low bun but it all depends on the length of the veil and what looks and feels good to you. As for the Braids and chignons normally the veil is positioned above and can secure into the hairstyle but the preference can be individual. If you have a headpiece as well as a veil for your bridal hairstyle then great idea to have the veil below the bun or chignons so your headpiece can be seen.

To help inspire your own wedding-day hairstyle, I have rounded up some of my favourite bridal hairstyle pictures that work well with veils and would look perfect on your big day. Click the link below it will take you to a mood board on pinterest :)


Next are some ideas if you are not a veil kind of gal!

Effortless/ Simple Hairstyles – An elaborate up-do isn’t right for every bride.  So opt for salt sprayed waves, a soft loose wave or loosely pinned up or even half up hairstyle. Also instead of a veil or a tiara maybe a flower crown or small simple head jewel is right for you?!..



PRIMROSE-silk-flower-headpiece-02           Juliet-bridal-comb-by-Percy-HandmadePhoto Credits: via Ruffled blog, Primrose silk flower halo by Percy Handmade, Juliet brial headpiece by Percy Handmade

BraidsFor the bride who wants to achieve a look that feels special without being overly fussy, try a braid. Whether you favor a french, classic or fishtail braid, there are a lot of ways to incorporate a pretty braid into a refined bridal hairstyle. Also so easy to do, and I’ve never seen them go wrong. They’re the perfect way to keep your hair in place, and at the end of the night when you’re ready to let your hair down you’re left with gorgeous waves that you can wear out the morning after your wedding too!!



weddingchicks.com    Photos found on: dailymakeover.com, Weddingchicks.com, Stylemepretty.com


Thank you and please stay tuned for more :)

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Recommendations for beautiful beach bridal makeup

Beach brides have it easy, as they get to play with gorgeous, natural makeup palettes that bring out their inner beauty, best thing to do is keep it simple with a fuss free look.

Here are a few flawless looks you can go for, Also here is a link which will take you to a moodboard I put together on Pinterest that will show you wonderful and different makeup looks for any beach wedding


Sun kissed


A bronzed, glowy look is ideal for a beach wedding. Contour with a bronzing powder to warm the skin tone. Add a peach or rosy blush directly onto the top or apple of the cheek. You will find that a nude or rosy lipstick or gloss will look gorgeous with this makeup style.



FullSizeRenderSmokey eye

A sexy, copper smokey eye will look beautiful and will add a touch of glamour to your beach wedding. Use an eyeshadow primer or a cream eyeshadow first before applying shadow to give your eyeshadow that staying power so it doesn’t come off with the humidity or heat…Pair with a light pink lip and blush. Let your eyes stand out!


FullSizeRender-2Barely there

No-makeup makeup look is excellent for a wedding by the beach. This is especially perfect for bride’s to be who require minimal coverage and can get away with a lightweight tinted moisturiser or light coverage foundation and some translucent powder. Leading up to your big day ensure you get your base (face) flawless by using a great skincare routine, because this look is all about the skin. ( A glowing face) Then finish off with a nude lipstick or gloss and pinky nude tones for the eyes for a natural effect.

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Bridal Beauty Tips – 5 Do’s and Dont’s on your wedding day.

You have your venue, dress, flowers and everything else organised… Now it’s time to think about your Wedding Beauty. Here are some tips for brides to be, so you look flawless on your special day!!!


– Have your hair and makeup trial one after the other on the same day so you can imagine the finished look. Also for your makeup trial wear a white t-shirt so that you can see how the make-up looks against white as that is the colour you will be wearing on your big day

-If your using fake tan for your big day, It’s best to get a trial or even a few trials to ensure the colour is perfect ( dark enough or light enough) . It’s best to get a spray tan 2 days before your wedding day to ensure the bronzer has properly washed off and your tan has fully developed into the ideal colour. Best to get a qualified spray tan technician like Ciobahn from Born Beauty Mobile Spray Tanning :)

-Now before you have your hair trial, communicate with your hairstylist and make sure you have discussed whether or not you need hair extensions or hair padding to achieve the look your after. So you can bring products along with you on your trial day.

– A couple of days before your wedding get a shellac (gel nail polish colour) manicure and pedicure. Best way to go for your wedding day!! Your nails will look freshly painted and last up to two weeks with no polish chipping during or before your special day.

– Eye lash extensions, they’re a brilliant way to make your eyes stand out and look far more subtle than a false full strip lash. Eyelash extensions are glued on top of your natural lash they will look natural and beautiful up to 2-4 weeks, so after your wedding your lashes will look great on your honeymoon also :)


‘Pile it on – It’s a total myth that your makeup has to be plastered on for the photographs. Most wedding photography is done in natural light, and if you choose a heavy base the make-up will look obvious and not natural. In terms of flash, you just need to ensure that your T Zone is matte and you use a camera finish powder which all makeup artist should have in their kit’.

– ‘Be scared of going a bit brighter. Neutral, brown, and pale lip colours can look washed out in photographs, so choose a lipstick that’s one or two shades brighter than what you would normally wear. Also don’t by shy to try a red lippy, a lot more brides are wearing a bright lip now a days’

‘DIY your hair, makeup or any other beauty treatments, it’s your special day and you should get the pros to do it not only because they know what they are doing but it’s all about you being relaxed and pampered!’

‘Treat yourself to any facials or waxing your brows, face or any body parts the day before or morning of your wedding day…You wouldn’t want to risk having any redness or even worse an allergic reaction on your big day. Also facials are designed to bring any congestion to the surface of your skin, not a good look on your big day’ – I highly recommend Ciobahn from Born Beauty.

‘ Forget to decide what kind of maintenance you’d prefer for the day. Eg. are you happy to check you’re looking okay throughout the day, or do you want to just forget about your make-up once it’s on? Waterproof mascara is a must, also worth considering are cream eyeshadows that really set – you can be sure they’ll stay where you put them, along with a colorstay gloss or lipstick’!!

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Why do hair and makeup artist charge more for the bride?

If you have been searching for the perfect bridal hair and makeup artist you’ve probably come to realise that most makeup artists charge more for the bride then they do for the bridesmaids or mother of the bride. Are you wondering why and thinking it’s just a big scam?! Here are your answers :)

One reason is timing – Bride services always take longer to complete than anyone else in the wedding party and so they should because its the brides day. The bride is the main attraction and they expect to treated as such.  I’ve met many brides and I can with certainty that each bride always wants their wedding party to look fantastic and feel great about themselves but in the end, what it comes down to is it’s really all about the bride standing out  and therefore more time is often allotted to the bride to ensure her expectations are met. Time is money, that’s why the bride is often charged more than others.

If you are getting charged double the price of your bridesmaids or mother of the bride, you are most likely paying more than you should, a normal amount to pay extra is $20 – $50 more

Now don’t think that your bridesmaids, mother of the bride or any others aren’t going to look good because they are paying less, every client deserves the best possible service available, so you should expect your bridesmaids, friends and family to receive an excellent service on the day and to look beautiful.

Sexy Fashion Bride Dresses (3)

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False eyelashes or eyelash extensions on your wedding day!?

There are lots of ways to make your eyes really pop!.. Including false lashes…Lets talk about eyelashes today, so you know exactly what you will want and need on your special day :)lashes



Strip lashes – Are the more popular type of falsies, because they’re quicker to apply. They are a full eye’s worth of lashes pre-attatched to one another, making them easy to just glue on and go. You can get strip lashes in all different lengths and thickness. Depending how large you go with the strip lashes they are also very comfortable to wear. At first when glue is wet it may feel a little heavy, as glue drys you can hardly tell you are wearing them.. Strip lashes can last up to two weeks and also very easy to remove. (you can pull the strip off all in one)

Individual lashes – Instead of getting all your lashes together in a strip, these come in different lengths and are attached individually until the lashline is full or you can put on as many or as few as you want to customize your length and look. These lashes do take longer to put on, but they look more natural where your eyelid meets your lash line. Individuals are very natural and comfortable to wear, most people say they just cannot feel they are wearing them. Individual false lashes avoid the strip that holds traditional false lashes together.

Eyelash extensions – They are very different again. These lashes are glued permanently on to your lash line, you can get different types of lash extensions such as..

Synthetic (made from a polished, acrylic material and are the firmest of all. In appearance they are a little shinier or glossier than silk or mink lashes also a lot thicker and more dramatic).

Silk (mid weight type of lash and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type. They hold on longer than synthetic lashes).

Mink ( natural animal fur/hair. Very light and fine lash, when wet they become straight and wispy, don’t last as long as silk because they are so fine).

You cannot just wear lash extensions for your wedding day and then remove that night, they stay on from 2 weeks to 2months!! They drop off when your natural lashes grow!!! Then you will need to get infills to keep them looking full and beautiful.. I’m also qualified at applying lash extensions ( please refer to my services & pricing page for more info and prices)  It’s a good idea not to choose them too long for your first application until you get used to them. They are much more expensive.

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Reasons why you need a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding day!!


Hi Beautiful Brides to be :)

Hair and makeup on your Wedding Day is one of the first things that brides usually cut from their wedding budget…

So let me tell you why you need a professional hair and makeup artist on your wedding day and why you SHOULD’NT cut us from your budget, or have your cousin or an aunt do it. We hope this helps :)

Fine hair, limp hair, Curly hair, unmanageable hair. A professional hairstylist will know how to style your hair to suit your face, facial features and personality best – If you are having an updo or even if you are having a downdo, hair needs to hold its style. All hairdos need to have good hold while being comfortable and have a beautiful flow. Also you don’t want to have bobbie pins or hair falling out on your special day!!

In front of the camera
Makeup shows up differently in photos than it does to the naked eye. It is important to wear more than you would on a daily basis, but it must be applied correctly to avoid a clownish or overly theatrical appearance. The balance of how much product to use vs. how to apply it is crucial and a makeup artist with experience will know exactly what to do. While each bride’s request is different (some like it natural, others like a more dramatic look) each will be done perfectly so that it looks great for the camera. From a photographer’s perspective, a makeup artist elevates the game. Your photographs will be dramatically better and more enhanced with professional makeup.

Be Stress free, Be Happy
You don’t want to be stressing about anything more than you have to on your special day so leave it to the pros to be there, completely calm and capable. Professional hairstylist and makeup artist do the work of planning a hair and makeup schedule and have all people ready on time, also make you look incredible….Having a professional there is so much more relaxing and so much better for a day that is supposed to be all about you getting pampered!


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Hello world

Hello world

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